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How to Put on a Wetsuit

Sometimes, putting on a wetsuit might not a pleasant experience. Following some basic rules and steps to help you understand the correct way to put on a wetsuit.

Step 1: Legs to Hips

Pull wetsuit legs over your feet and ankles. Then work up the legs in sections and pull over the hips. Sometimes people believe their suit does not fit. This often results in people getting their suits on but not pulled up in vital areas. The trick is once you have your wetsuit over the ankles, pull the legs up to the thighs, then remove any folds by pulling on the shins to move the ankle into position.

Step 2: Adjust Legs

Starting below each knee, take time to pull up each leg, working it upwards in sections (front & back) until the suit is as high as possible into the crotch. If your crotch area is sagging, the suit will feel too tight at the shoulders and chest and you are going to be uncomfortable.

Step 3: Body & Sleeves

Pull up the body then take time to pull up each sleeve, section by section until they buch on top of the shoulders. At this point, most people will probably complaint that their suit are too small which they aren't. Make sure to pull your sleeves up the same as you do to your legs.

Step 4: Collar & Zipper

The internal flap must be flat to your back. Close the collar then pull up the zipper with your shoulders back. Ensure the collar flap is flat and the velcro tab cannot rub your back.

Step 5: Adjust Body

Wetsuits are made with extra material under the arms to allow for free movement when doing your sport. This extra material can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable when you lower the arm and notice the fold of the neoprene. Pull up the suit as much as possible by pulling sections /folds of rubber, start from the top of the legs, then up the stomach and chest.

Step 6: Time to get wet!

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